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  • The Michigan Floriculture Growers Council (MFGC) establishes a statewide voice for Michigan floriculture growers, identifying grower issues and problems to be addressed via public policies and legislative action.
  • MFGC is a public policy organization that will provide you with e-mail updates (or US mailed upon request) on industry and government issues and make sure your views are expressed to public officials.
  • MFGC is an independent organization endorsed by Metro Detroit Flower Growers Association (MDFGA) and the Western Michigan Greenhouse Association (WMGA).
  • The Council will not duplicate the programs of the MDFGA and WGMA, but will actively support beneficial legislation and oppose public policies that do not support Michigan’s floriculture economy.

In uncertain times, we need to band together to stay informed and make sure greenhouse grower interests are represented in public policy and industry issues.

Relationships are important  – MFGC links you to your legislators and policy makers to give you the clout you would not have alone.

Busy members don’t have time to monitor all legislation and public policy issues. MFGC monitors them for you, making sure you are aware of any new threat to profitability.

If you’re a grower or work in any aspect of the Michigan floriculture industry, we‘re counting on you to swell our ranks and increase our influence

Membership Tiers:


  • Under $250 thousand — $100
  • $250K to $499 thousand — $200
  • $500 to $999 thousand — $500
  • $1 million to $1.99 million — $1000
  • $2 million to $3.99 million — $2000
  • $4 million and up  — $2500

Allied Trades

  • Under $1 million — $500
  • $1 million and above — $1000

Interested Allies

  • Floriculture Educator –$50
  • Floriculture Students –$25
  • Friends of the Industry (non-commercial) –$25



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